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Nigerian Property Market (“NPM”) has set forth the following Advertising Policies and Specifications to help guide advertisers and their agencies in preparing advertisements for display on the website. These policies and specifications apply to the advertising creative that appears on, any technology or software used to serve and display the advertisements, and the landing pages that appear when a user clicks on such advertisements (collectively, “Advertiser Content”).

These policies are intended to help guide advertisers, but the advertiser is solely liable for the Advertiser Content, notwithstanding NPM’s acceptance of an insertion order or display of such advertisements.

Technical Specifications

Advertisement Submission Guidelines

Submit all Advertiser Content to your NPM Account Executive, and copy

Email submission information must include:
  • Advertiser Name
  • Campaign Start & End date ( per 6 months)
  • Creative Files
  • Alternative Text (if applicable)
  • Linking URL
  • Banner choice
  • Priority choice
  • Instructions on how ad element(s) should run/rotate
  • Hex # of background color
  • Creative processing turnaround time is 3 business days permitting all Advertising Content and related technical elements meet NPM’s guidelines. If advertisements do not comply with the technical specifications or content policies, this may delay the start date for a particular placement and or campaign.

    General Technical Guidelines
  • Advertisements must not collect any information from or about individual users (whether or not such information is personally identifiable) without NPM’s prior written consent.
  • All advertisements must generate a new window and the existing NPM window must remain open.
  • All advertisements must be in-banner and not expand, either automatically or by mouse roll-over.
  • All advertisements must not include pop-ups and pop-unders, nor may landing pages spawn pop-up or pop-under advertisements to a user.
  • NPM does not allow ads with flashing, excessive animation, “fake winner” copy or fake functionality such as HTML Drop Downs or Search Forms.
  • If Advertising Content is late or do not meet guidelines noted herein, NPM reserves the right to extend the campaign by the number of days the Advertising Content was late in order to reach the contracted impression goals. However, NPM will work with the applicable advertiser or agency to deliver all impressions within the contracted flight dates pending placement and available inventory.
  • Advertisements may not use NPM logos or trademarks or mention or refer to NPM, its site or its brand in any manner without NPM’s prior written consent.
  • Ads must incorporate advertiser’s trademark. The messaging should not mislead the user.
  • Advertisements must not interfere with navigation on, obscure other content or advertisements, access or alter computer settings or preferences or otherwise unduly or inappropriately interfere with the user’s experience of or NPM’s operation of
  • Advertisements must not trigger downloads of software to a user’s computer without first providing the user with clear and conspicuous disclosures regarding the installation, operation and removal of the software, and providing the user with an opportunity to decline to install the software after such disclosures are made
  • The display URL must be the actual destination URL (i.e., the website that the advertisement’s link resolves to, not a redirect) of the advertisement so that it informs the user of the destination website of the advertisement.
  • The destination URL of an advertisement must work properly and resolve to a working website. It cannot connect to an email address or file, and must not be under construction.
  • All advertisements must support “http:” and “https:” for visitors who browse and purchase in secure mode.
  • Flash Guidelines
  • NPM allows Flash versions 5,6,7 & 8
  • Click-through URL should not be hard-coded into the flash, but passed through via click-Tag command.
  • 30KB download and up to 4 additional download streams upon user click are permitted. Each additional stream may not exceed 100KB.
  • Frame rate may not exceed 18 frames per second; 12 frames per second is preferred.
  • Both flash 5-6 SWF files will be displayed for flash 6.0 to plug in browsers only.
  • If the browser doesn’t support flash 6.0 and above the alternate image will be served.
  • All content must only come from the serving ad server’s domain and the content served may not call in content from any other domain.
  • In Banner Streaming Video
  • There is a 30 second maximum on video stream length
  • Any video must be user-initiated
  • The user’s click on the advertisement can activate progressive download streaming.
  • Play, Stop, Pause, and Mute buttons are required.
  • Audio
  • Any audio must be user-initiated
  • There is a 30 second maximum on audio served in conjunction with a video stream.
  • All sounds are subject to prior written approval by NPM.
  • Advertising Policies and Content Guidelines

    All Advertiser Content must be in good taste and must comply with all laws, rules and regulations that apply to the Advertiser, the Advertiser Content and any location where the advertisements may appear.

    Advertising of special or free offers:
  • The landing page must prominently present the offer being advertised. Example: If the advertisement offers 50% off, then the landing page must feature the products that are 50% off.
  • Calls to action:
  • Non-specific calls to action (e.g. “Click here”) are not allowed. Specific calls are acceptable.
  • Pharmacies & Medical/Pharmaceutical Products:
  • Advertisements for pharmacies and medical or pharmaceutical products are restricted based on applicable laws and subject to NPM’s prior written approval.
  • Free Offers & Sweepstakes:
  • Advertising promoting sweepstakes may or may not be allowed, subject NPM’s prior written approval.
  • Advertising “free” goods or services must indicate that terms and conditions apply.
  • Advertiser Content must not contain:
  • Pornography and other “adult” content
  • Illicit/illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Gambling or gambling paraphernalia, including online gambling, poker, or bingo
  • Tobacco or tobacco related products
  • Alcohol related products
  • Weapons, including guns, gun parts, kits, mace, blank powder and ammunition
  • Foul, vulgar or obscene language or that features nudity
  • Content that is defamatory, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy
  • Hate speech – inciting or advocating violence or racial intolerance
  • Content that is threatening, abusive, harassing, or advocate against a protected group, whether based on race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age or any similar or other category
  • Content that promotes any illegal or dangerous activity
  • Deceptive, false or misleading content
  • Content or technology that infringes, or encourages or enables the infringement of, the intellectual property or personal rights of others
  • reserves the right to add, remove or modify this policy at any time by placing updated advertising policies on reserves the right to reject or remove any advertisements at any time in its sole discretion.

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